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Frosty Morning, Redhill Common...
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Seasons greetings to all old (and new) LDNP readers and welcome to the new home of the LDNP archive.

It was minus four here overnight (269K) so crisp and even for the dogs' early morning run up on Redhill Common. That's Gatwick airport (sorry, London Gatwick) you can't see in the distance since it is, as often is the case, shrouded in fog (good place to build an airport, eh?).

It still strikes me as bizarre that I could walk through more wooded areas and get further away from roads when walking from our old East End house than I can down here in leafy Surrey (without a longer walk or getting in a car) but there you go, it's home for the while.

UPDATE: Sorry if you've tried to leave a comment, it wasn't working (as you may have realised). A bit of code tweaking and now it is, most remiss of me not to check it worked previously! Sorry.

Canon EOS 5D Mark II
28 mm
400 ISO
1/30 sec
f 8
Flash: Not Fired