In the Beginning….(frogspawn)

In the Beginning....(frogspawn)
Hello and welcome.

This PhotoBlog has been created primarily as a personal challenge. Many of the entries on my other blog were centred around nature related photos and visitors sometimes seemed surpised to learn that these were taken in the environs of my home in the so-called dingy East End of London. So, I wondered, would it be possible to post one photo each day covering the nature I encounter within my beautiful home city? Well, if nothing else it would help me in getting out to photograph that nature even on days when perhaps I didn’t really otherwise feel like it. I shall try to keep each day’s posts as current as possible though I suspect come next winter I may find myself raiding the summer’s excess shots.

I thought I’d start with something vaguely symbolic and a little bit different. ’tis the Vernal Equinox and the start of spring so, putting my newest (about 3 hours old) macro lens truly to the test I thought I’d try to get a shot of a single frogspawn to signify the start of life here at London Daily Nature Photo. This was taken the day after the spawn appeared and already you can see the sub-divisions. Frogspawn can be found in even the smallest ponds this time of year, I’m constantly impressed with how quickly the frogs manage to find a new spawning site.

There will, of course, be further updates on these frogs but plenty of other subjects too for those not quite as keen as I am on our amphibian cousins.

Hope to see you again tomorrow, all the best, Nic.

5 thoughts on “In the Beginning….(frogspawn)

  1. Damn, only second (oh sorry, not that type of blog is it?). And there was me expecting a nice daff or something, given your launch on the first day of spring 😉

    You sure you're not using an electron microscope?

  2. Neither extension tubes or an electron microscope were used…. just the very wonderfulCanon 65mm macro lens. It does from 1x to 5x close up and nothing else. If your subject is more than a few inches away it won't focus but close up it is amazing. I'm still learning to get the best from it. But this shot did remind me of my micrscopy days.

  3. Love the new look – grey is so now!
    I can cope with frogspawn because it doesn't jump.

    Wishing you lots of luck with your new website.
    I love the idea. Who knows I might do something similar (on a very amateur level) for Manchester

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